Castrol Iloform FST 16, (Кастрол Илоформ ФСТ 16)

Castrol Iloform™ FST 16 is a medium viscosity, neat forming oil containing high levels of advanced lubricity and
extreme pressure additives. It is free of chlorine and heavy metals, such as Barium.
Iloform FST 16 has been specifically developed for medium duty deep drawing operations on carbon steel and
stainless steel parts. The product shows reliable performance at medium steel sheet metal thickness.
The enhanced lubrication package also allows use in medium duty fineblanking applications.
Iloform FST 16 is designed to be used as received.
Superior adhesion and wetting performance provide homogenous lubricating film which delivers best
machining results, even on difficult geometries.
•High resistance to pressure and high protection against wear enables long tool and die life and thus cuts
downtime and tooling costs.
• Good cleanability and demulsifying properties enable long bath-life of subsequent cleaning processes
• Reliable corrosion protection reduces scrap rate.
•Chlorine- and heavy metal-free technology improves the environmental profile and minimises waste
disposal costs.

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